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Each holster is custom made and handcrafted from durable Kydex and quality hardware to ensure a long service life. 


We offer Kydex thicknesses of .08” or .06” on our BCA Holsters to ensure we meet your specific needs. We also use heavy duty, injection molded, Polymer belt loops of 1.25”, 1.75” and 2” for a custom fit to almost any belt. Our holsters can be further adjusted by moving belt loops vertically for more or less cant. The popular Slant Cut is available on all gun holsters for a more comfortable fit to the body. Cants of ten degrees are standard options on all Patriot Holsters and sweat guards can be adjusted to order. DOS Holsters come with a .06” Kydex thickness for more IWB comfort. RTT Holsters come with a standard .08” Kydex for a more robust tactical use. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. 

The only difference between the BCA Holster and the RTT Holster is the BCA has a 10 degree forward cant while the RTT Holster has a "zero" cant or straight drop.